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Why Choose Organic food?

Why Choose Organic food?

In recent years, organic foods have started to become more popular. Many people are making the move toward eating a diet that is rich in organic foods — and for good reason! Organic foods have many personal health and environmental benefits.

What Is Organic Food?

In order for foods to be labeled “organic,” at least 95 percent of their ingredients have to come from plants and animals that were produced organically. Organic foods are raised on farms that work to conserve soil and reduce pollution through more sustainable farming practices. Rather than using chemical pesticides on fruits and vegetables, organic farmers use more environmentally friendly practices to help plants grow, such as crop rotation to manage weeds or natural fertilizers to nourish plants.

Benefits of Eating Organic

There are many reasons to eat organic and locally grown foods. Eating environmentally friendly foods offers a variety of benefits for both you and the Earth:

  1. Eating organic foods reduces your exposure to pesticides. According to a recent study in Environmental Health Perspectives, choosing organic fruits and vegetables, even occasionally, can significantly reduce your exposure to pesticides.
  2. Buying organic helps reduce pollution and help protect water and soil. The standards for organic products do not allow the use of harsh chemicals. Also, organic farmers use practices that promote soil conservation and biodiversity.
  3. Organic foods taste better! Although it cannot exactly be proven, many people find that organic foods taste better. This could be because they are grown for taste without regard for appearance.
  4. Many organic fruits and vegetables have more nutrients. Produce that is grown organically contains more vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. This is because these foods are grown in soil that is managed and nourished in sustainable ways.

What Certified Organic Means

As you can see, there are many reasons to eat organic and support local restaurants and businesses that use organic and locally grown ingredients. Not only is it better for your health, it helps support and sustain our environment.

Organic Cafe in San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

If you are looking for a delicious organic meal in the Newport Beach area, Pascal offers a diverse menu with many options made from mostly organic and local ingredients. These fresh meals pair well with Pascal’s wide array of fine wines. The restaurant also offers a number of catering options for those who want to bring Pascal’s locally sourced yet globally inspired cuisine to events and other gatherings.

For questions about the restaurant’s fresh menu options or to make a reservation, call (949) 488-0031.