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3 Reasons Why Locally Sourced Food Is Better

3 Reasons Why Locally Sourced Food Is Better

Here at Pascal, we believe in using only the finest produce to prepare our dishes, which means we turn to local farms to procure our ingredients. In a time when packaging, shipping, harsh chemical pesticides, freezing and adding preservatives to produce has become the norm, truly fresh and delicious produce is lacking from many menus. 

Ripe, Nutrient-Rich Produce

A menu featuring locally grown and organic produce may have some seasonal limitations, but it only takes one bite to understand why this limitation is truly worth it. Fruits and vegetables that are not in season locally are harvested prematurely in another part of the country or the world, so they do not get the chance to ripen on the vine. Anyone who has eaten a vine-ripened tomato can attest to the difference in flavor from one that has ripened many days after being picked and shipped hundreds or even thousands of miles before reaching its destination. When local produce is used, it has often been picked within only a day or two of being purchased and used in our dishes. This is why our dishes bring incredible flavor to the table.

In addition to being delicious, locally grown food packs a much healthier punch than its non-local counterparts. Because local produce is consumed so soon after being harvested, there is less time for nutrient levels to decrease. Food that is picked and takes weeks to arrive at the dinner table has had ample time to lose part of its nutrient quality. Food shouldn’t just taste good and look pretty; it should do what it was designed to do and nourish the body.

Local food is nutritious food.

Cleaner Food From Farm to Table

Locally sourced food also has a much lower chance of causing food-borne illnesses. We source our produce from a local farm in Irving, so the travel time from the farm to our freshly prepared dishes is short. The longer food has to travel to make it to the table, the higher the chances are for contamination. Most of the national food safety scares over the past several years have come from food that had to travel long distances and make many stops during the packing and distribution process.

Environmentally Responsible Eating

Using local and organic produce in our restaurant is our way of being environmentally responsible. Locally grown foods are much less reliant on transportation that uses fossil fuels and creates greater carbon emissions. The use of organic produce promotes an environmentally responsible form of farming that does not pollute the ground and air with pesticides and toxins.

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We also strive to keep our vendors local to support our regional area. The economic benefit of buying locally sourced food is enough on its own to make it an obvious choice. Buying local produce strengthens our local economy and community, it’s environmentally responsible, and it’s healthier, safer and gives us the ability to offer only the most delicious and fresh dishes.

If you want to dine on the best local fare today, come visit us at Pascal.