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Pascal's Wine Pick: Sauvignon Blanc

Pascal's Wine Pick: Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc wine grapes have a rich history that goes back to the 18th century in the Loire valley as well as the Bordeaux wine vineyards of France. This distinguished grape has been used throughout centuries to embolden other varieties, as well as stand alone as a one of the most popularly consumed wines in the world. No matter how you're sipping, the delectable flavors of Sauvignon Blanc are sure to swoon you with their charm.


The grape develops its buds very late in the wine season, but ripens very quickly. It thrives in temperate climate conditions existing in many wine regions of the world. Today Sauvignon Blanc grapes are produced in Bordeaux, France; California; Australia; New Zealand; and South Africa. Not only does the grape stand alone as a delicious variety, but it has been blended with others to produce delicious flavors we know and love. The older variety of Sauvignon Blanc was used in making the red Jura and Carmenere varieties. When it went through a crossing with Cabernet Franc, and a new noble Cabernet Sauvignon grape was produced. 


Over the years, Sauvignon Blanc has gained much popularity across the world. It is now number eight on the list of the most popular planted wine grapes across the world. The growing popularity of Sauvignon Blanc has led to this grape being celebrated through an international holiday — International Sauvignon Blanc Day is observed each year on May 17.


We have great experience in wine pairing, and if you need some assistance in selecting the best wine to complement your chosen dish, we will gladly help with unique wine/food pairing suggestions tailored just for you. You can try similar wine pairings, or we can suggest contrasting ones if desired for a complete and great dining experience.

Sauvignon Blanc wine pairs very well with fresh seafood. It is a perfect match for oysters on the half-shell, which is often preferred by many. Other seafood dishes also pair well with Sauvignon Blanc, including shellfish. Some prefer their Sauvignon Blanc with chicken. A lot of this can depend on the preparation. Sauvignon Blanc also pairs well with some varieties of vegetables, cheese and salads. Our experienced chefs and service staff are available to provide suggestions.

Sauvignon Blanc Food Pairings

Other characteristics

Sauvignon Blanc wines also have other characteristics; these largely depend on the winemaker's choices, such as the time period the grape remains inside the skin. The longer the winemaker ages the product, the stronger it may become. You can try our other great wine selections; at Pascal, we intend to thrill you with a great dining experience, with distinction like no other place.

Sauvignon Blanc was picked because it is a great wine. We are sure that if you have had Sauvignon Blanc in the past, you will agree with our recommendation. It will satisfy your sophisticated wine cravings. Our Sauvignon Blanc white grape wines are made from some of the best vine fields in the world and could be that perfect taste to complement your special dish for a truly delightful and fine dining experience only provided at Pascal.

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Just remember: If you eat good food, drink good wine!