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Pairing Red Wine And Cheese

Pairing Red Wine And Cheese

Wine and cheese go together like all great duos. To ensure you are making the most of your tasting experience, there are some wines that go better with certain cheeses. Learning about red wine and the cheeses to pair with them can make a wine tasting that much more exciting and delicious.

Pascal is known throughout San Juan Capistrano, California for having an extensive wine list for you to enjoy whether you come in for lunch or for the bistro dinners. You can make reservations at any time to ensure there is a table with your name on it.

Heavy Red Wines

The heavy red wines are known for their tannins, and this means they pair very well with the rich and aged cheeses. You will also want to consider the region as you choose the cheese. Pairing a wine and a cheese from the same region can be a little taste of heaven. For example, a Manchego cheese with a Tempranillo, or a red Burgundy with a creamy cow’s milk cheese can be a great combination. You may also want to opt to go with a Chianti and an aged parmesan.

Red Wine & Cheese Pairings

Remember that salt loves sweet, too. This is why you can go with a vintage port and a stilton, or even a Shiraz and a smoked Gouda. There are always ways to be creative, but following the rule of pairing the heavy tannin wines with the older cheeses and staying regional will ensure you never go wrong.

Light Red Wines

Just as the heavy reds go well with the aged cheeses, the lighter reds go better with the young cheeses. This means you may want to choose a pinot noir with a gruyere, a Lambrusco with a goat cheese, a Grenache with a brie, and much more.

Whenever you are opting for a light wine, you want a light cheese that goes along with it. There’s nothing worse than having your wine weigh down the cheese or the other way around. When in doubt, revert to what the wine experts at the restaurant have to recommend.

Enjoying the Experience

When you want to enjoy a nice meal that has a lot of cheese in it, such as a salad, a quiche, or anything else, you want to make sure you select the best wine to pair with it. This will ensure you have the best overall dining experience.

Your palate is sophisticated and can pick up more flavors than you give it credit. Understanding more about pairing red wine and cheese will help you to make smarter choices as you eat some of the wonderful options at Pascal.

Great food deserves great wine. Reserve a table.

You can learn more about the restaurant at any time, viewing the menu, making a reservation online, or calling to talk to a hostess about the many catering options that exist.