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Pairing White Wine And Cheese

Pairing White Wine And Cheese

Pairing white wine with cheese is a very common thing to do. However, you want to ensure you choose the best possible pairings so that it all tastes good going down. The goal is to bring out the very best within both the wine and the cheese, and therefore the right combination is needed. Learning can be half the fun as you work your way through the various white wines – and Pascal has a stunning wine list.

Rules to Live By

When you are looking to pair white wine with cheese, there are various things to be on the lookout for. Salt loves sweet, so when you have a sweet wine like a Riesling or a moscato, you will want to choose one of the saltier cheeses.

Cheese also goes well with fruits and nuts. If you have a wine that has a buttery finish, it can pair well with cheddar. You will also want to choose some of the fruitier wines to go with a young cheese, such as brie.

It can be okay to have rich and creamy cheeses with buttery and smooth wines, but it can also be okay to welcome some contrast, such as a bubbly and sparkling wine with a rich cheese to scrub your tongue and make you want to go in for another bite.

Popular Pairings

There are many popular pairings when it comes to white wine and cheese, which can guide you through dinner at Pascal. This would allow you to have the best white from the wine list with any number of food items from the bistro dinner menu.

White Wine & Cheese Pairings

Camembert and Champagne is a combination that works well together, and this falls into the rule of it being okay to have some contrast with your pairing. A Sauvignon blanc works well with goat cheese, a chardonnay works well with triple cream, and you can even go with a bubbly white wine like prosecco with asiago.

When you look at pairings for white wine and cheese, you will often find that they are not just about flavors, but also regions. This means that an Italian white may be paired with an Italian cheese and a French white may be paired with a French cheese. There are plenty of options and you can be creative with what you pair the wine you want to drink with.

Exploring the Wines and the Cheeses

Pascal offers a wide range of items on the menu and this gives you a chance to tantalize your taste buds with fresh ingredients as well as many that are local and organic.

When you’re ready to put your white wine and cheese pairing knowledge to the test, or simply want to indulge in delicious food made to order, call to make reservations. You can also call to learn about the various catering options that are available to you!