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White Wines That Make Perfect Fall Favorites

White Wines That Make Perfect Fall Favorites

As the weather begins to cool down and sweaters become the outfit of choice, many wine drinkers will place their white bottles in storage in favor of rich and robust reds that are more closely associated with the fall and winter months. While there’s no doubt that a luxurious glass of red wine makes for a delicious accompaniment to many fall meals, there are plenty of white varieties that stand up nicely to the brisker climate and heartier dishes we typically associate with fall.

Try pairing one of these complex and affordable types of white wine with your next fall dinner. And if you’re in the mood for a relaxed and sophisticated restaurant atmosphere, delicious food, and even professional catering services, Pascal Restaurants offer everything to make your next dining experience unique and memorable.

French White Blends

Although there are many different French (or French-style) white blends available to try, the offerings from the Rhône Valley symbolize everything that is great about autumn white wines. The grapes that go into these wines, typically Roussanne, Marsanne and Grenache Blanc, tend to be very assertive on their own. The winemakers blend them to mellow them out a bit and allow the flavors of fruit and the complexity to embrace harmoniously. Many American winemakers are also producing very admirable wines in the Rhône style, with a robust alcohol content that pairs well with the heartier ingredients of fall.


Not quite as full-bodied as most Chardonnays, but offering more than the standard light crispness of your average Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier is a variety that is well-deserving of a featured place at the autumn table. Originally native to the northern Rhône Valley, many California winemakers are discovering the unique flavors of Viognier and producing some highly-recommended vintages. This distinctive grape features flavors that resemble late-summer stone fruits, and it pairs remarkably well with dishes that showcase the spices of middle-eastern and Indian cooking.  

Riesling Is a Great White Wine for Fall


Riesling has gotten a bad reputation in this country, due mostly to the fact that many consumers' only experience with it involved cheap, cloyingly-sweet, and mass-produced wine. High-quality Riesling always balances its residual sweetness with a pronounced acidity, making these wines much more complex and versatile than most drinkers give them credit for. For those who are still unsure about Riesling or sweeter wines in general, look for the designation “trocken” on the label (meaning “dry” in German). You might soon agree that a cheese plate and a bottle of Riesling is the ultimate way to end any fall dinner.


Chardonnays from the French region of Burgundy remain some of the most celebrated wines in the world. These wines are generally flavor-forward and provide richness without being overwhelming. California is rediscovering chardonnay lately, as well. The grape is experiencing a resurgence thanks to “unoaked” varieties that are aged in stainless steel. These wines retain the uniqueness of the grape without blasting the palate with oaky overtones.