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Find the Perfect Wine to Pair With Pumpkin Dishes

Find the Perfect Wine to Pair With Pumpkin Dishes

Fall is around the corner and the ripening pumpkins in the field will be in kitchens everywhere in a few weeks. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin stuffed ravioli and any of the other fabulous culinary creations that arrive during the fall require the appropriate wine to bring out their flavors. 

Pairing wine and pumpkin might seem like a challenge, but we have some ideas to help get you started. 

Sparkling Wines

Brut champagne, one of the least sweet sparkling wines, and Prosecco Italian sparkling wine are typically more acidic than some wines. This makes them the perfect pair for pumpkin risotto.

Kurbis Secco, a German sparkling wine, has a slightly nutty and delicate flavor that goes well with most pumpkin recipes. A glass of Kurbis Secco with pumpkin stuffed ravioli or roasted pumpkin brings out the flavors of the dish and the wine.


The flavor of Sangiovese, a medium red wine, has notes of red plum, tart cherry, fig and strawberry. Light oak aging gives it a distinctive flavor, and it is a wonderful addition to pumpkin risotto or as an accompaniment to pumpkin soup.

Gruner Veltliner

Peppery and fruity, Gruner Veltliner pairs well with any pumpkin dish. A dry white wine with a hint of sweetness, this wine has its roots in Austria, where 75 percent of the Gruner Veltliner comes from today.


Sherry, a fortified wine, has five styles for you to try. A nice sherry like dark cream or sweet Oloroso, a complex brown colored sherry, will bring out the full rich flavors of spices combined in pumpkin dishes.

Sangiovese Pairs Great With Pumpkin Soup


A sauce for pumpkin risotto made from Amerone, one of Italy’s great red wines, can't go wrong. Boldly flavored, the addition of Amerone to sauce for pumpkin dishes brings out the rich flavors of the pumpkin and spices.


Fruiliano is an Italian white wine with a slightly fruity taste of bitter almonds and peaches. A glass with pumpkin pie brings the flavors of both together in a palatable combination. Plus, this is one of the best white wines to come from the Friuli region of Italy.

Vin Santo

Called “Holy Wine” by residents of Tuscany, Vin Santo wine is an amber colored sweet white dessert wine. It goes well with pumpkin pie as its acidity balances the creamy, rich texture.

Find your Pumpkin Pairing

Look for fall pumpkin recipes soon at Pascal and make sure to add one these wines to your meal. The flavors of spicy, fragrant pumpkin dishes paired with the right wine will offer a new experience that we're sure you will enjoy.